IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY)- The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office is issuing a warning to parents after packages of candy laced with THC were discovered in a recent case.

(Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office)

“Though states like Colorado have legalized recreational marijuana, Louisiana has not,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement Wednesday. “This means buying and selling of these THC products is a criminal offense, especially if it is targeting minors.”

These edibles, IPSO said, can contain nearly 35 percent more THC than an average joint. ‘The potency of the edibles recovered in this specific case was extremely high, reportedly enough that consumption of four candies could prove fatal,” the department said.

There have been instances of teenagers overdosing from ingesting drugs in this manner, authorities said.

Iberia Parish Sheriff Thomas Romero is asking parents to be “proactive and speak with their children and especially teenagers regarding these edibles that have been found in Iberia Parish.”

Parents are urged to contact Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office at (337) 369-3711 if they believe their child is in possession of marijuana candy.