NEW IBERIA, La (KLFY)– Scammers are acting like they want to help you in order to get your information and money from you.

Such is the case for Candie Oubre of New Iberia who called a number on a pop up ad advising that her personal computer had been compromised.

It proved to be an expensive call after the scammers managed to get into her bank account and remove $8,000.

“It said that I had a trojan spyware virus or something, and to call the number immediately or I was going to lose everything on my computer.”

Oubre says once she made the call, she was transferred to the fraud department who advised that they would fix the problem if she allowed them remote access to her computer.

“She said she was with Microsoft and she talked to me for a while and she downloaded a program on my computer then she showed me that I had a $8,000 charge for child trafficking and it came out of my account.”

Oubre says she went to authorities who informed her that she would likely not be able to recover any of her money.

Emily Fontenot with the Better Business Bureau says scams like these are very common and scammers target people like Candie because it tends to be easier.

“A lot of times they get money faster or they use the scare tactic in order for them to believe them.”

The Better Business Bureau says people should watch out for elderly scams. At least 5% of all elderly people experience some sort of of financial fraud and exploitation according to

Those are the one’s who report it as it’s believed many go unreported.