NEW IBERIA, LA (KLFY) — A woman’s vehicle was damaged during an attempted robbery at a New Iberia gas station.

Aiden Vidrine said her car was hit by a stray bullet during an attempted robbery at a local gas station. She says the shooter is refusing to pay for damages to her vehicle.

Before the robbery attempt, Vidrine parked her car across the street to watch her kids at New Iberia Karate Institute. When the worker shot at the robber, bullets hit her vehicle in the process. Vidrine says she didn’t realize what happened until the class ended.

“My boys and I noticed that my SUV was wrapped in tape, and there was a bunch of police officers running around. Police notified me that the vehicle was shot,” Vidrine said.

The worker says he feels as though it was necessary for him to fire at the robber to send a message to anyone attempting to do something similar.

“We are in the hood,” he said. “If someone robs us and I do nothing about it, others will be like oh yeah, we can just rob the store and they won’t do anything.”

After the shooting, the worker was brought to the Iberia Parish Jail where he was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, illegal discharge of a firearm and criminal damage to property. Taking full responsibility for his actions, he says he offered to pay for the damages to Vidrine’s car.

“We asked her to go to the mechanic and get the statement for how much it would cost, and we will pay for it,” said the worker.

Vidrine says when she talked to the owner of the store, they said something completely different.

“They are refusing to help with any of the damage costs. I have to cover all those charges to get the vehicle repaired and the rental fees and time missed at work,” said Vidrine.

According to police, the juvenile who attempted to rob the store was quickly apprehended and charged with armed robbery involving a firearm, resisting an officer, obstruction of justice, illegal carrying of weapons, possession of an illegal weapon and criminal trespass. The juvenile is currently being held in a detention center.