NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) – Following the death of Deshune Johnlewis, 20, who was found shot to death in front of a home near Shelton Avenue in New Iberia, many residents are wondering what needs to be done to stop the gun violence.

New Iberia School Board member Raymond “Shoe-Do” Lewis, who lost his son to gun violence in 2019, said the reason these crimes continue to happen starts at home.

“Some parents defend wrong doing. I am talking about my people,” Lewis said. “Stop defending. I’d rather go to jail for busting that ass than go to the morgue and have to go and identify them at a funeral home to make arrangements for a service.”

Lewis defended all of the work the New Iberia Police Department is doing to stop crime in the city.

“I have got to give N.I.P.D. their kudos because they are solving mostly everything that is going on here” Lewis said.

Lewis he is part of a foundation called GPAL Foundation that can help and has helped make a change for the youth of New Iberia.

“We are making a difference in New Iberia and we are going to continue to make a difference,” Lewis said. “You can go to You can read more about us and the great things we are doing in the city of New Iberia.”

New Iberia Police Chief Todd Dalbor told News 10 his department is doing everything it can to help prevent more gun crimes from continuing to occur in the city.

He said arrests will soon be made in Monday night’s shooting off of Calhoun Street. The department is still looking for suspects in the shooting on Tuesday night on Shelton Avenue.