NEW IBERIA, LA (KLFY)— A New Iberia teen was reportedly shot on Thursday evening on Dale Drive.

This would mark the third shooting in New Iberia involving a juvenile since the beginning of the year.

Members of the community are concerned about the increasing numbers and are looking for a change.

Resident Velma Reed Ezeb lost her son to gun violence and has noticed the rise in teen crimes in the area.

“They need to stop. They are hurting themselves and they are hurting their parents,” Ezeb said.

She says the rise in teen violence starts with a lack of faith in the household.

“They not praying enough. Their parents are not teaching them how to pray.”

At the start of the year, on January 7, a 15-year-old was shot on Park Avenue and eventually passed away.

On Monday, the body of another New Iberia juvenile was found on behind an apartment complex with a single gunshot wound.

Now, a shooting off of Dale Street left one New Iberia teen hospitalized.

New Iberia community activist Donovan Davis says enough is enough and is calling out all members of the community to do their part in stopping the violence.

“We need everyone to come together in our community under one umbrella with the mayor so that we can address these situations of underaged youth violence.”

If people find themselves in need Davis says there is someone out there who can help.

“Call out to the school board. Call out to pastors. Call out to ministers. Call out to activists. Call out to anyone that you know has a good heart and wants to move forward and have meaningful progress within the community.”