New Iberia (KLFY) We all remember hearing about a New Iberia mother and her 7-month-old daughter being shot last week.

The family and mother, Dariana “Bubbles” Linzer, spoke exclusively Sunday with News 10 digital.

Today, she speaks with KLFY reporter Rodricka Taylor about the night of the drive-by shooting that changed their lives forever.

It happened the night of March 18, 2022 in the 200 block of CV Jackson Dr, according to New Iberia Police.

The three victims were inside their home.

“My head, it flew back, and I don’t know how many shots it was after that. I don’t know who was hit. I couldn’t believe it. I was hoping that it was a dream,” said 18-year-old Dariana Linzer, mother of the 7-month-old daughter.

Linzer says she now lives with a constant reminder of the shooting as she lost vision in one of her eyes.

“After it happened, they gave me the surgery. I came home, and all I could do was cry when I came home,” Linzer said.

“They’re going to put me a prosthetic eye next week at my appointment, but for the surgery, they told me the bullet hit me right in my eye, so there was nothing they could have done to save that eye or save my sight,” she adds.

“I just be thinking about I can never get that eye back I could never see through this eye again.”

Linzer says when she tries to open her eye it hurts.

“I just feel my face, and then I remember or go look in the mirror, and that’s when I remember,” she said.

Linzer says there are bone fractures in her face and that when the bullet hit underneath her eye it caused her to loose skin.

She explained that when the drive-by happened, she was in shock. She did not even realize her daughter was also hit.

“She wasn’t crying, she was just doing what she normally does,” Linzer said.

The reminders of the shooting are displayed on 7-month-old Ire’anna Linzer.

Linzer said when Ire’anna was in the hospital, her grandmother was the only one who could be in the hospital with her.

“She would only calm down with my momma, and when I hold her or anybody else, she will start crying like she didn’t know us, as she forgot about us or something,” she said.

Dariana Linzer adds she is currently around five months pregnant with a boy. She has been worried about his delivery since the shooting.

“They did a heartbeat, and his heartbeat was normal; nothing effect it,” she said. “I don’t know if I’ll have him early because I still get stressed out and scared.”

The family still lives in fear as the suspects have not been caught.

“I’m scared to sleep in the front of the house, so we sleep in the back. We are paranoid to sleep in the front,” said Linzer. “I’ll be in and out of my sleep. Every time I hear a car even pass down this street, I just look and be like, who’s that.”

New Iberia Police are still looking for two men, Mactori Jaqwan Doucet and Amiri Joseph Benoit, in connection to the shooting.

They both are wanted for seven counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Officials say they were known to be traveling in a 2020 Gray Dodge Challenger with a temporary Louisiana tag. If anyone has information to help this case, call the Iberia Parish Crime Stoppers Tip Line at (337) 364-TIPS [8477].

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