NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) — News 10 spoke with a homeowner who said it happened just like everyone who has experienced a tornado. It started with a sound.

Homeowner, Curtis Dugas, said “Yeah, I heard the train. You know what they say? I heard it. When it hit, I was in my house and I could hear windows breaking and everything flying around. Ran into the hallway, me and my wife.”

Dugas said though the tornado only lasted about two or three minutes, it wreaked havoc on dozens of homes.

“You can see all the damages that occurred, but nobody got hurt so everything will be okay,” Dugas said.

When the tornado was passing over his home, he remembered he had only one thought on his mind.

“I was looking to see if my roof was still there,” Dugas said. “To see if it took off the top of my house because the house was shaking. Then all of a sudden it stopped like the tornado went away.”

When it was over, he was able to check out the damage. He said luckily, he has only windows and water damage.

“Everything is repairable. Everything is fixable,” Dugas said.