IBERIA PARISH, LA (KLFY) — Ten years after her son was killed, this mother is frustrated her son’s murder case has been dismissed.

On March 10th, 2014, Frances Lewis got a call saying her son, Uriah Joseph, had been shot and killed. 10-years-later, Lewis says she is left with more questions than answers.

“It’s a bunch of whys,” said Lewis. “It’s why because I have information and I don’t have answer to.”

Uriah Joseph was shot and killed in New Iberia by a man named Michael Augustine. Augustine was initially charged with murder, but charges were dropped to manslaughter. In the years following her son’s death, Lewis says she did everything she could to find answers as to what happened. She says her attempts to reach former district attorneys were not met with urgency. Lewis talked about how she felt when the case was officially dismissed after a decade of waiting.

“It’s not a win (for Augustine’s team) because it wasn’t a fight. It was given to them. They just let it go by,” said Lewis.

Augustine’s attorney Todd Clemons spoke with News 10 about the dismissal. Clemons says Augustine is joyful and understands how the situation impacted more than just himself.

“He takes no solace in the fact that a young man lost his life. But as we said all along, and we said from the beginning it was a case of manslaughter,” said Clemons. “There was no question he killed the young man, but he killed the young man in self-defense. He was put in a position where he had to defend himself, and he did.”

News 10 attempted to reach the district attorney’s office for a response on the case’s dismissal, but our calls were not answered.

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