UPDATE: 8:46 p.m. New Iberia Police have arrested Anthony Loston in connection with the death of Dominique Lewis who was murdered in New Iberia over the weekend.

Loston is facing charges of second degree murder, obstruction of justice and theft of a firearm.

NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) — A mother is crying out now that violence in New Iberia has taken both her sons. Dante Lewis was shot and killed in 2018 when he was only 26, and just this past Saturday, his older brother, Dominique Lewis was also shot and killed in his own home.

Cindy Lewis is the mother of two murdered boys now. She tells News 10 she just wishes the gun violence would stop and that local law enforcement would learn from where these guns are coming.

“This is Dante, and this is Dominique,” Cindy said holding up pictures of her oldest children. Memories and eight grandchildren are all Cindy Lewis has left to remember her oldest boys, but those memories are vivid.

“Dante he was like a go-getter,” she remembered. “Dominique he was a caring loving person, but he took everything to the heart.”

When Dante was murdered in 2018, local activist Donovan Davis held the vigil, and the pastor said he never thought Dominique would follow.

“He really, really, really was impacted by the loss of his brother and the loss of countless other young men in our communities. He began to not be anymore a visible presence in the street. He had changed,” Davis asserted. “But he still got caught up through the vestiges and the shadows of the past.”

Cindy Lewis admits the second time losing a son feels different.

“I feel more frustrated now because it’s like they are still killing each other, but none of these murders are being solved,” she stated.

March 29, 2022, will mark 4 years since Dante’s murder with no arrests. Anthony Loston was charged with second degree murder in Dominique’s death, obstruction of justice and theft of a firearm. The Lewis family plans to to question him.

“I’m going to ask him why you did that to my child? He was your friend. Why?”, Cindy Lewis said.

In addition to some closure, the mother now has comfort that brothers once separated by violence are together once more.

“I just believe that they are in Heaven rejoicing that they are back together, linked back up together again. (They are) leaving us behind, but we’re going to see them one day too,” she concluded.

There will be a vigil for Dominique Lewis this Thursday at 5 p.m. It will be at the intersection of Twenty Arpent Road and Ann Street.