JEANERETTE, LA (KLFY) – A local organization is providing affordable transportation to residents across Acadiana.

When Mac’s Sugar City Market closed its doors for good after last year’s fire, Compassionate Care of Louisiana saw a need to help the residents of Jeanerette get to and from areas out of town for their transportation needs in an affordable way.

Latasha Senegal is the owner of Compassionate Care of Louisiana. She says the need for help is what the organization looks for when they want to provide a service.

“I have been picking up in Jeanerette. I have been bringing to dialysis. I have been bringing to stores. It’s been amazing,” Senegal said.

Senegal explained how important it is to provide an affordable service for community members who need it.

She says it is almost impossible for some people to be able to afford a ride.

“The $25 rides came from listening to different communities. Listening to the outcry of people needing something affordable for them to get back and forth,” she said.

With a new grocery store coming to replace the old Mac’s building, Senegal is aware the service will no longer be as needed, but Compassionate Care looks to still be able to provide help where ever it is needed in Acadiana.

Senegal said, “It is all about reaching that need at that time. Being able to extend that hand at that time. That is what we are all about.”

Raintree Market is expected to be up and running in Jeanerette by the Spring of 2024.