IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) — A heated dispute between Jeanerette Mayor Carol Bourgeois and Alderman Clarence Clark focused on an ordinance about that states police officers are to report to the mayor all criminal incidents within the town.

Bourgeois says things have now been blown out of proportion.

He says according to Louisiana law, the mayor shall supervise and direct the administration of the office of the chief of police and the chief of police shall report directly to the mayor.

Bourgeois says that the direct supervision of police officers, however falls to the police chief.

Jeanerette Alderman and Mayor Pro-Tem Clarence Clark says things did in fact get heated during a recent council meeting between himself and Mayor Carol Bourgeois over police authority. He says that move strips the current police chief of any authority within his/her own department. Clark says that all chiefs of police function as the chief administrator over the police department. He says that person is responsible for all police operations in all divisions and unit, and not the mayor.

Mayor Bourgeois mentions some instances where he does take on role as mediator.

For example, he says “there are times when there has to be some consultation or discussion. I have never done any day-to-day or hands on with police officers other than discussions.”

Mayor Bourgeois he is ready to move forward and focus on strengthening the community in any way he can.

“We are going to do what we can to make our community better. We have a big workload in front of us. We have come a long ways and we still have a lot to do. My door is always open.”