JEANERETTE, LA (KLFY) — For months, the City of Jeanerette’s elevated water tower was out of service for necessary repairs and cleaning. With repairs finally being finished, the water it holds is being distributed throughout Jeanerette once again.

The city took state funds to make the much-needed upgrades to the tower. The repairs began in April of 2023, and water began being distributed out to the community once able to. Mayor Carol Bourgeois Jr. spoke with News 10 about the new tower.

“Totally rehabbed in and out, repainted. Got a nice new lettering with the city logo out there on the tower and is it will help our overall system,” said Bourgeois.

The water was being held at the plant to bypass the tower as repairs took place. For those wondering if the city’s water supply was ever compromised, Mayor Bourgeois says they meet the Louisiana Department of Health’s standards for its community and mentioned a new method used to keep the supply safe for residents.

“Jeanerette water certainly meets all the standards that it needs to and has been. We went to a new method is called a nitrification plan that enables us to have the water that’s really great for our community,” Bourgeois explained.

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