JEANERETTE, La. (KLFY) — Jeanerette Alderman and Mayor Pro-Tem Clarence Clark says things did in fact get heated during a recent council meeting between himself and Mayor Carol Bourgeois over police authority.

Clark said at Monday’s meeting, the council voted in favor of granting complete authority over its police force to the police chief.

Jeanerette Mayor Carol Bourgeois has reportedly announced that he will veto that amendment because as mayor he maintains complete control of city government, which includes the police department, Clark said.

He says that move strips the current police chief of any authority within his/her own department.

Clark says that all chiefs of police function as the chief administrator over the police department.

He says that person is responsible for all police operations in all divisions and unit, and not the mayor.

“Why do we even need a police chief, if the mayor gets to make all the decisions.”