IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) — New international companies are on the Port of Iberia making more economically-sufficient ways of working along the Gulf Coast and Mississippi River.

The final negotiations are finished with the Belgium and Poland based company E-Crane Egret, for a six-acre piece of property along the port to become a crane assembly yard for the Gulf of Mexico and the Western Hemisphere. Port director Craig Romero said the cranes have multiple uses.

“They unload coal,” Romero said. “They unload limestone. They help with coastal restoration projects along the Gulf Coast.”

Cape Town-based company Global Risers recently acquired a 117-acre plot of land along the port to begin its construction soon, which Romero said will create a lot of job opportunities.

“They are going to come here and maintain drilling rises for all of the drilling companies all over the world,” Romero said.

Along with more job availabilities, Romero said the international companies coming to the port will contribute a lot of revenue to surrounding businesses.

“They are going to buy equipment from everybody locally,” Romero said. “It is just a domino effect on the local economy.”

Romero said the port is always looking to enhance its technology and its pursuit of efficiency while seeking advancements for Iberia Parish and beyond.