IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY)—The FBI reports that an average of one firearm is stolen every 15 minutes from a vehicle. Iberia Parish Sheriff Tommy Romero said they are noticing that rise in these specific thefts in the parish.

“They’re pulling on the car doors trying to make entry into the car to maybe secure some valuables,” Romero said. “The main thing that we’re coming across is a lot of stolen guns.”

The thieves often use the stolen weapons to either sell or use in other crimes. Romero said there was a period where multiple vehicles were reported to have been broken into.

“I think we had maybe five or six reports on the same evening or the same day within a couple of days of each other,” he said.

Romero said the perpetrators are performing these crimes while already being armed. He advises everyone to not take matters into your own hands and to secure your guns safely.

Romero said they are investigating the robberies and are looking to make arrests soon.

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