IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) – The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office created a registry for people with special needs in order to accommodate for every citizen throughout the parish.

Iberia Parish Sheriff Tommy Romero says he decided to initiate this registry because he has deputies in his agency with special needs children. “Two of my patrol people have special need kids of their own,” Sheriff Romero said.

Sheriff Romero wants the parish to know every citizen is cared for with this registry. Filling it out is completely optional and will be confidential.

Special needs include vision and hearing impairment, down syndrome, autism, Alzheimer’s or anything else you feel can be vital information for sheriff deputies to know is advised. Sheriff Romero says everything is on the table to ensure his deputies are familiar with what and who they will be dealing with.

“You can give us a photo. You can give us a physical description or a date of birth. The more information we have for making the response, the more efficient we will be,” said Sheriff Romero.

The registry is now open as of August 1. You can find it on the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office website.