IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) – James Duhe Jr. says he was driving around New Iberia not knowing that he was in the initial stages of having a stroke.

“A flushed feeling came upon me from my hip to my foot. Then I realized something was obviously very wrong.”

Duhe says he pulled over in a panic and flagged down an Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office patrol unit that was nearby.

“Captain Randal Delcambre stopped,” Duhe said.

“He was courteous and kind and got on his “microphone” (police dispatch) right away and I had E. M. T’s there in no time.”

In just over an hour, Duhe says, he was able to be transported to the Lourdes Stroke Center in Lafayette to be treated for his emergency and says the doctors credited the quick timing of his arrival for the reason he was able to recover so fast.

“By the second day, I was finally able to move my leg (and) my toes and so on because they said I had gotten there fast enough.”

Since the incident occurred, Duhe says he wants to show his appreciation for what Deputy Delcambre did.

He says he is grateful for his quick thinking and initiative and are happy he is still here to tell his story.

Iberia Parish Sheriff Tommy Romero released a statement regarding Deputy Delcambre’s heroic acts.

“I want to personally thank Mr. Duhe for his recognition of Deputy Randall Delcambre, it is always nice to be acknowledged for a job well done. Deputies with the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s office are continuously trained to render aid and assistance when needed,” Romero said.