NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) — A hospital in New Iberia is making headlines with new technology geared towards cancer services.

With new technology to help with diagnosing and treating cancer, Iberia Medical Center’s north campus unveiled its new PET/CT scanner equipped with advanced imaging capabilities.

Brennan Leblanc with Iberia Medical Center says the new GE discovery pet/scanner will allow physicians and community leaders to show the medical centers commitment to cancer care.

“This is a very exciting day for a very medical center as we continue our commitment to growth and expanding services here at our north campus,” said Leblanc

Leblanc says the scanner can be used to address other things like cardiac and brain imaging in addition to leading edge oncology care.

“We’re providing new advanced services and growth here at our north campus medical center. And we’re unveiling today our brand new pet CT scanner discovery. And we’re super excited to provide this great technology to our community,” Leblanc explained.

Leblanc says with the new scanner, it will allow access to cutting edge cancer services locally.

“Leblanc: “You know, some people think bigger is better, but we think in our local community we can provide all of those services right here for them, for our patients,” said Leblanc.

The GE discovery pet/ct scanner will allow Iberia Medical to provide better cancer services for the community.

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