IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Governor John Bel Edwards visited New Iberia today as power crews continued working to restore power after yesterday’s tornadoes.

“We’re ten days before Christmas, and we have a lot of families across our state whose lives are not what they thought they would be at this point. That can be very traumatic in addition to just having lost your home or the place that you work is not able to operate,” Governor John Bel Edwards said.

Gov. Edwards flew into New Iberia this morning to look at damages done to the city by yesterday’s tornadoes.

Recalling the sights he witnessed on his way to the city, Edwards said “We had the vantage point of coming in on the National Guard UH-60s and the first thing we saw coming in from Baton Rouge, we were flying over some cane fields way out of town with a tremendous amount of debris in them. You could just follow the debris and it would lead you all the way the medical office building.”

Even with the damage brought by the storms, Edwards remained thankful that there were no fatalities in New Iberia and only 13 reported injuries.

“The great news is we had no loss of life here and we did have a number of individuals, 13 or so, that went to the hospital for treatment. Only one required an in-patient stay and that person will hopefully go home today” he said.

As Gov. Edwards visited the damage in New Iberia, power crews continued working to restore power in the area.

“At the height of the storm, we had about 3,400 customers without power. They had numerous broken poles and they had a lot of flying debris and a lot of down wires,” said CLECO communication strategist Fran Phoenix.

Once the tornadoes passed, crews moved out to begin working on restoring power, Phoenix told News 10.

“I spoke with one of our distribution operations managers and he was telling me about how devastating the storm was because they dealt with a lot of flying debris coming from rooftops or part of a rooftop. I guess that just speaks to how damaging the winds were,” Phoenix said.

With crews removing debris while CLECO worked on power, Phoenix told News 10 that work continued through the night and through the day today.

“So we worked into the night to restore power and was able to restore power to the majority of our customers the day of the storm after winds subsided. We still have about 400 customers without power and they will receive power today,” Phoenix said.