IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) – The heartbroken friends and family of a 19-year-old killed in the first of three shootings in New Iberia this week honored him Friday night with the thing he loved the most, cars. They held a car meet in Ashton Money’s memory.

“That sound reminds me so much of him,” Chloe Cox, Ashton’s girlfriend, said, listening to the sounds of cars revving their engines.

Wearing Ashton’s ring around her neck, she remembered the kind, caring person he was.

“He would come through for everybody. He was always the first to help if anyone needed it, and he loved cars. That’s why we’re doing this today,” she said.

“The last couple days have been rough. It’s still rough. Seeing his car pull up, I about teared up just seeing it, hearing that car. That exhaust, you can’t mistake it. You can’t mistake it at all,” Ashton’s friend, Brett Meyers, said.

While Ashton couldn’t be there at the car meet, his friends made sure his beloved car looked as good as ever.

“Ashton, we wish you were here. We got your car all cleaned up for you and everything,” Meyers said.

“I miss you. We all will,” another friend, Mason Montet, added.

Ashton’s friends said that they wish he could have been there to see just how many people loved him.

“He’s definitely here in spirit tonight. I know God definitely allowed him to come here one last time. I’ll definitely be praying for him and his family,” Montet said.

While you may not have known him, his friends want people to know a few things.

“He’s still someone’s son. He was our friend. He was someone’s grandson, brother, cousin, it doesn’t matter what he was. He was innocent. That boy did nothing ever wrong. He was such a good kid,” Meyers told News 10.

“Just find yourself an Ashton. He’s a very special kid, and this should not have happened. But in turn, we’re all closer because of it. There’s always a silver lining,” Cox added.

Ashton’s friends said that what they want now is justice. The suspect, 19-year-old Caiden Sheridan, is facing charges for murder.