NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) Jarworski Joseph wants to bring awareness to bullying through song after his eight-year-old daughter was once bullied for wearing her natural hair.

“Whenever I wrote it (the song), I made sure that I made it to be kid friendly and made it so that other kids would be inspired by it and would like to do the same thing. Don’t worry about being bullied or being clowned or any situation that would make you feel down about yourself.”

Joseph says he loves recording music and was setting up a recording studio in his home when his daughter, Journi, came home crying after being teased all day.

“I was putting everything together, and I turned around and looked and she had the headphones already on her so I put two and two together, meaning she’s crying, and I was like, well, maybe I can do a song. So that she could recite, and it would make me and her feel better.”

Journi says it hurt alot because the people she called her friends were teasing her in the hallway when the teacher wasn’t looking and could not hear them.

“It made me feel sad, and they were laughing at me, and they were telling their friends about me.”

She says it went on for about three or four months.

According to the website, stopbullying, about 20% of students ages 12-18 experience bullying nationwide. Also, bullied kids can experience many negative issues, whether physical, social, or emotional. 

You Can’t Play With Me” is the title of their new song.

“I was trying to tell her it doesn’t matter about the look, it’s about the heart and what type of personality you have, and I will say, like, they can’t play with you. Long as your grades are good and you are doing what you are supposed to do, they can’t play with you. So don’t put yourself in a position like you had to be able to fit in with them and be a bad kid. As long as you do what you’re supposed to do as a kid, they have to fit your character.” 

Joseph says he and Journi have moved to Galveston, Tx. where she attends a new school and has a new-found new confidence.