NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) — New Iberia community activist Raymond “Shoe-Do” Lewis met with the district attorney’s office demanding more to be done in his son Garon’s murder case.

He shared with News 10 that he is calling for a specific prosecutor to handle the case because he has lost faith in the system.

“The D.A.’s office has made several concerning and alarming missteps in my son’s case,” Lewis said.

According to Shoe-Do, he met with the 16th Judicial District Attorney in New Iberia, Bo Duhé, to demand more work to be done in order to bring Garon’s case to an end.

He claims the work the D.A.’s office and investigators have done is not enough and expects more for himself and his family.

“They do not seem to want to take ownership for the lack of thorough investigation or the lack of pursuing real justice for us as a family,” Lewis said.

Shoe-Do said during his meeting with District Attorney Duhé and Assistant District Attorney Alistair Charrier, he provided them with three specific demands as to what the family of Garon is expecting moving forward.

“I don’t want to hear no more excuses from the D.A.’s office or from the New Iberia City Police,” Lewis said. “Mr. Hugo Hollins (the) special prosecutor, the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office Jeff Landry, and the United States’ Marshall are what we expect as the family of Garon Paul Lewis. We are not going to settle for any less.”

Lewis believes these steps are not only necessary to bring justice to his son, but for others in the same position as he is.

“My fight is not just for Garon”, Lewis said. “It is for all of us that live in this 16th Judicial Court System that have lost loved ones.”