NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) — Four months ago, two tornadoes ripped through Iberia Parish, damaging several homes and businesses, including a dentist’s office.

News 10 spoke with the owner of the dentistry who has now made his way into a new building to continue doing what he loves to do.

Dr. Mark Derouen was left with two choices after his office was destroyed by the tornadoes. He could either be upset and do nothing, or he could roll his sleeves up and get to work. A few months later, Derouen is now in a new building continuing what he started years ago.

“We chose to move on. We are working again. That is the important thing,” Derouen said.

After looking to refurbish what was destroyed, Derouen realized the building he built decades ago will not be saved. Derouen said that he was able to get help from the community and get back on his feet.

“This was an older building, but they had no designs of renovating anytime soon. We did a lot of the renovating ourselves,” Derouen told News 10.

Dr. Derouen built his original dentist office on estate drive the way he envisioned it. He said that although nothing can replace what he once had, there is no looking back now.

Dr. Derouen said, “It is kind of tough to come into here known all of the thought process that I put into the other one. But the other one is gone. This is where we [are] at. This is where we are going to be.”

Derouen’s daughter and dental hygienist Stephanie Duhon told News 10 that she is moved by her father’s ability to get back up after getting knocked down.

“He was like there is nothing we can do we have to move forward. That is what we did. And he is fine. He is an inspiration,” she said.

As the area looks to get back to what it was before the tornadoes, Dr. Derouen said that he is proud of what he has done and hopes he can be an example of growth for the city.