NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) For many families, the aftermath of dealing with twin tornadoes is disastrous.

For Latrella McCoy and her fiancé Thomas Cormier, a couple inside their mobile home when it flipped, says they are simply thankful to be alive.

They share the unforgettable experience exclusively with News 10.

After living on Bradley Lane for two years, Latrella McCoy says she was in one room while her fiancé was in the living room playing video games.

Suddenly and without warning, she said, they felt the trailer shake from the wind. 

“It was terrifying, something I have never been through before. It was like something you see on TV, not in real life.”

McCoy says within seconds she was covered with furniture and other household items as their trailer flipped to its side. 

She could hear her fiancé calling out for her, “babe, are you alright?”

At first, she said, he couldn’t hear her.

“I had to kind of move some of the things off of me so he could hear me, and he was like, I’m about to try to get out of here so I could get us some help.” 

She says it felt like hours that he was gone and thought that something had happened to him, while wondering if her life would end in those moments.  

“I thought they weren’t going to be able to get me out. I thought nobody was going to find me. I was under all that stuff, and the room was dark because it was lying on the windows.” 

It was about 20 minutes, she said, when the fire department, her dad, and the police arrived and began busting holes in the home hoping to get to her.

Today, she’s thankful to be alive but urges the public to heed our tornado warnings. 

“In New Iberia, we don’t pay that no mind. We never had a tornado. When we hear a tornado warning, we think it’s just some rain, so nobody pays attention to it like me, my phone kept going off, but I just kept hitting it and wasn’t even listening.”

McCoy says never again and is now counting her blessings.  

“We are just blessed to be here still. We are okay and all of that can be replaced, but our lives can’t.”