NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY)– The community came together for a picnic at West End Park in New Iberia Saturday to put a stop to the high crime in the area.

It was a day full of fun and activities, bringing the community together to try and curb the violence in the area.

Peaches Mitchell, the director of operations for the Restore Outreach Center, said the parish has been going through a rough time but the community coming together today shows a change is on the way.

“Our parish has been dealing with a lot so it means a lot for the community just to come together, cause again, some of our families and our communities don’t know all the resources that are there to offer,” Mitchell said. “So, it’s one thing to show our community and surrounding parishes and other communities coming together that we can kind of break the cycle and service our community with counseling services.”

Courtlyn Wells, a member of teen court in New Iberia, said the shift begins with parents pushing their kids to be the best person they can be.

“It means a lot actually,” Wells said. “It starts off with the adults in our community to bring our children out here and to see how hard they pushed our kids out there is awesome. I love it.”

Neely Moore, assistant superintendent of the Iberia Parish School Board, advised students to continue being positive inside and outside of the classroom and said change starts with learning.

“We want to remind our students that there’s positive things going on and there’s positive things in our community and once again that starts with reading and education,” Moore said. “So we just want to remind them to be at school every day. Be a part of a positive movement inside their schools and continue to be successful.”

Felicia Armstead, organizer of the Unity community picnic, said the vent shows the community can care for one another no matter what.

Armstead said putting forth an effort to bring positivity to the area will help everyone moving forward.