NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY)– Authorities in New Iberia are pleading with parents to be responsible for their kids. This comes after a mother and her juvenile son were arrested on drug and gun charges.

Officers found 94 grams of suspected marijuana, an AR-15 style rifle, and drug paraphernalia inside of the family’s car.

The woman’s juvenile son was charged multiple crimes, including possession with intent to distribute a schedule one controlled dangerous substance. His mother, 39-year-old Jennifer Olivier was charged with the same crime and felony contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.

New Iberia police say they hold a zero tolerance policy to parents

“It’s senseless that a parent wouldn’t look out to guide their child to have the best possible life of opportunities. How can you have those opportunities when you’re with your child making poor decisions? So how is that child going to grow up and know how to make good decisions?”

New Iberia Police Chief Todd D’Albor says officers started cracking down on parents who aren’t being responsible for their kids after three juvenile shootings left two teens dead and another hospitalized in January alone.

“I stand behind it that we are going to start holding those parents accountable,” he said.

Police warned they’d start charging parents for negligence. Chief D’Albor says they didn’t expect this.

“If you’re sitting idly by and think that this is okay, you may want to look in the mirror because you should want to raise your children and be proud of the person that they become,” the chief added.

“There is opportunities galore out there for people, young kids to be able to reach when they turn to adulthood if the parents give them a structure that allows them to achieve it. It’s all in front of them, but it starts at home. It starts with the parents.”

He adds the arrest of this mother and her juvenile son should be a wake-up call.

“If you condone the actions of your child to go out and do bad things and you could condone it or get involved in it then you’re no better than. Accountability will be held, and and we have a place to house you at the Iberia Parish jail.”

Chief D’Ablor says they are still implementing a policy they put in place in January. If a child gets into trouble past curfew and their parents don’t know where they are, those parents could be charged with negligence.