NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY)Catholic Charities of Acadiana is starting to do its part in helping clean up the city of New Iberia.

The devastation from the recent tornadoes that hit the area has organizations from all over the country doing their part in helping get New Iberia back to normal.

Catholic Charities had volunteers from Kentucky, Colorado, and Kansas take the trip down to Louisiana after hearing of the damage from the tornadoes.

Frankie Book is a high school volunteer from Kansas who told News 10 that they were supposed to come down already, and it was perfect timing for them to show up.

“Originally they had us coming in doing other work, but it was kind of God’s timing that we happened to be coming here on the day that this disaster struck,” Book said.

Kristen Dwyer, a classmate of Book at St. James Academy in Kansas, said that she understands the damage a tornado can bring to a community and is happy to lend a helping hand to those in need.

“Just having helping hands around, especially in this time of need can really help out those people,” Dwyer said. “They are just really thankful because you are in shock and it is just heartbreaking really for everyone.”

New Iberia mayor Freddie Decourt made his way to Bradley Lane and shared his appreciation to Catholic Charities for all the help they have put in for his city so far.

“It means the world,” Decourt said, “To have Catholic Charities organize this and work with us to help clean this damaged area up and get our people back as soon as we can in their houses.”

Residents down Bradley Lane said that they are thankful for the way Catholic Charities and other organizations have helped the community.