NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) – The New Iberia community is coming together to prevent more violence from spreading in their city.

What leaders call as an evening of change, multiple ministries from around New Iberia put together the event to spread wisdom and positive energy to the people who want the violence to stop.

Food and live Christian bands were present to help bring the feeling of Christ through the room.

Pastor Chester Hills, of New Life Christian Center, said this is one step to reaching their goal of peace throughout New Iberia.

“It is designed to bring the community together, bring a plan of unity (and) a plan of unity that is going to work to stop the violence,” Pastor Hills said.

Community activist Donovan Davis was present for the event as well. He said the violence has really hit people at home.

“Now they are ready to embrace the call of God. This is prophetic Clarian call to go out to the community and interact to bring a decided the difference within the community,” Davis said.

Davis said they are looking for a positive cultural interaction between for the people.

“Community values, human values, and everything that is based in the gospel of Jesus Christ,” Davis said. “We want all of these things to be embraced once again.”

Both Davis and Pastor Hills said there are more events like this planned throughout the rest of the year.