Iberia Parish residents concerned about possible ‘dog snatcher’ in neighborhood

IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Residents in one Iberia Parish subdivision claim someone is trying to snatch up their furry friends.
The man is pictured in this van below.
Iberia Parish resident Alexis Moresi said he tried to take her dog last week.
She posted a picture on Facebook of the van, and it went viral.
Soon after she posted it, others had similiar concerns.
“That’s a good boy!”
Alexis Moresi loves her lab and pitbull mix, Magnum.
“I would just be devastated to lose him (Magnum), because I already lost his sister and I raised him as a baby,” said Moresi.
She lives in the Belair subdivison in Iberia Parish.
And has noticed a suspicious blueish colored van lurking the streets.
“He’ll ride around this subdivsion and I’m pretty sure he goes other places too. But he’ll ride around like looking for people’s dogs and asking if they seen his dog,” said Moresi.
She believes the man is trying to snatch dogs in her neighborhood and surrounding areas.
Moresi had an encounter with him just last week.
“I was playing with my dog and he (man) yelled at us from his van, to keep my dog on a short leash. And then he stopped at the corner and said it again. And I asked him if he had a problem, and he just kept on driving and laughing histerically,” said Moresi.
One person commented on Facebook about the man in the van: “He was trying again the day before yesterday. Told my husband he was looking for his dog……He’s stealing them off their chains and over fences.”
Another person said: “Let him come and get mine he won’t even get close.”
“He might want to stop because he could get in a lot of trouble soon. It’s just not right to do something like that to somebody’s property,” said Moresi.
A spokesperson with the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office told New 10 they’ve received no reports of attempted dog theft yet.

But if anyone sees anything suspicious, to give them a call, at (337) 560-1008.
Stealing a dog or a pet could result in prison time and/or fines.

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