ELTON,La (KLFY) — Crawfish ponds and frogs go hand-in-hand, but when you’re frogging with Frog Co., frogs go in the other hand.

 KLFY News 10’s Gerald Gruenig made his way to Elton to try frogging, which can be done almost any time of the year. Frogging season is only closed in April and May, leaving ample opportunity to get your hands wet.

This is Frog Co.’s first year guiding frog trips. These trips aren’t something you hear about often, but Frog Co. wanted to share that experience with people.

Gigs and traps are offered for these frogging trips, however Frog Co.’s Austin Bertrand says the barehanded catch is their “bread and butter.”

“Once you get your hands on your first frog, that’s what you want to keep catching,” says Bertrand.

To contact Frog Co. about scheduling your frog trip, call (337) 764-1473 or visit their Facebook for information about how to contact their tour guides.