How local educators are preparing to keep students safe during the solar eclipse


Children are curious, and with the upcoming solar eclipse, educators are looking at all options to ensure their students safely experience this natural phenomenon.

“The second you say do not look up they (students) will look up,” said Kim Cummins Principal at Martin Petitjean.

“This is a huge historical event obviously. Here at Martin Petitjean we are first, second, and third grade and the district has really said and emphasized the importance of safety precautions on this day,” said Cummins.

Students at Martin Petitjean will be staying inside on Monday, but she says other schools in the district with older students will have the option to go outside.

In Vermilion Parish teachers are utilizing technology to watch the eclipse safely from the class room.

Vermilion Parish Superintendent Jerome Puyau said, “You know many years ago when the eclipse past I remember and we went outside with a little hole and pencil it through, yes I’m old. This year we think we are going to do it on our Promethean boards, live and have the best site.”

In Vermillion Parish recess is still on.

“Y’all still can play, hopefully, it’s overcast totally and we don’t see it so we don’t have to have a concern. No, we will provide guidance to make sure it’s aligned to age-appropriate,” said Puyau.

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