How LARC benefits the community


All revenue made at Acadian Village goes to LARC. The organization supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

“If you walk around the campus you’ll find people with the purest of thought and who except you for what you are, and they except where they are. Sometimes we ask the question as to who’s teaching who on this campus,” says Glenn Weber. 

Weber is the executive director for LARC. The organization serves more 300 families.

“Our vans go out in the morning and if these vans didn’t go out, people couldn’t go to work. The young people would be home playing video games,” Weber said. “The whole mission is really to take everyone we have here,and like a little baseball team, we’ve taken people who can’t catch a ball and made great right fielders out of them. It’s really to help everyone become all that they can be.”

“I live in an apartment by myself and they wanted me to get out of the house. I got bored,” says Shelly Herpin on of the LARC clients. “I’m in Miss Cynthia‘s class and we do arts and crafts. We are making snowmen and later on we’re going on a field trip.”

“LARC cannot do all that it does for people without involvement of the community, the media, and other people,” Weber said. “It’s not like it was in the old days. Today, they are professionals who focus not on the disabilities of the people we serve rather their abilities.”

Learn more about LARC here.

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