LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Former State Representative Ricky Hardy is bringing to light the Luna McDaniel Act he passed in August of 2009.

This comes after Johnathan Zenon, 59, said he was attacked by five pit bulls while walking down the street in St. Landry Parish on Dynasty Lane. News 10’s Rodricka Taylor spoke to him about the law. 

Hardy said that he is now a community activist since he is no longer working in the legislature. After seeing the news about the damages Zenon suffered from the pit bull attack; he wanted to highlight the law. 

“When I was in the legislature in 2009. I passed the Luna McDaniel Act, which was house bill 155 Act 199, and it dealt with negligence and injury and also criminal negligence,” Hardy said. 

“Crime negligence is in the event that you have a vicious dog, and it attacks someone, and they die as a result of the injury.” 

Hardy said in the case someone dies behind a dog attack; you can be placed in prison for five years, receive a $5,000 fine, or both. He shared the passion behind why it was important for him to pass the law and protect citizens in the state. He remembers Michael Blaise Landry, a young 4-year-old who died as a result of his injury to a pit bull attack, and Luna McDaniel, 83, who died after being attacked by three pit bulls. 

“It’s very important to me because I wanted to protect the citizens in the state of Louisiana, but more importantly than that, when I looked at the horrible picture of that 83-year-old lady who lived all her life in her community and got mauled by three pit bulls, she didn’t stand a chance. It was very horrible,” he said. 

In the case of Zenon, he said the owner should be held responsible for negligent injury. He can be charged up $500 fine and or six months in jail. 

“First of all, you have to be able to treat the animal with affection. Second of all, you have to feed the animal. Looks like those animals that the owner had weren’t being taken care of properly and weren’t being fed, so whatever victim they can prey on, that’s what they’re going to do,” he said. “We must make the owner aware that the dog does not pick the owner. The owner picks the dog, so you have to make sure that your dog is secure. Make sure that they are in a proper fence area or leash where they will not attack people while they’re walking in their communities or in the state.” 

Hardy hopes that bringing light to the law will bring justice for Zenon and help other individuals. 

“Just secure your dog and make sure he’s on a leash. Make sure he’s properly secure in a fenced area, and then that way, you wouldn’t have all that problem,” he said. 

News 10 sent out a public record request to get updates on the investigation but has not received anything yet.