Holiday season adoptions nearly clear out Lafayette Animal Shelter


The Lafayette Animal Shelter said they have seen an overwhelming number of people come to the shelter this holiday season to adopt cats or dogs for their loved ones as Christmas presents.

The shelter’s kennels are now nearly empty.

“Before Christmas, all these kennels were filled with dogs for adoption, and now we just have a handful of pets left ready today,” said Kennel Supervisor Lynn Bourque.

“These cages were full before Christmas, and all these kitties got adopted. All these kitties’ cages are empty,” Bourque added.

Bourque said it’s difficult to part with the animals when they’re adopted but added that it’s even harder when those animals get brought back to the shelter.

“This is Bailey, and Bailey is a six-month-old German shepherd and golden retriever. He’s a neutered male. He’s six months old,” Bourque said, pointing to a dog up for adoption.

Bailey was adopted in December as a Christmas present.

“Due to no fault of his own, his family had to surrender him today. How sad, the day after Christmas,” Bourque said.

It happens at animal shelters across Acadiana every holiday season.

“Usually by the second week of January, we will see a huge influx of dogs, and unfortunately a lot of times it’s the older pets that end up getting dropped off because the new puppy is making the older pet uncomfortable,” St. Landry Parish Animal Control Director Stacey McKnight told News 10.

McKnight recommends giving your family’s new addition a little time to adjust to their new home before bringing them back to the shelter.

“The quicker you can teach your pet boundaries and limits, it just makes it easier for everybody,” McKnight added.

Below are dogs who have been brought into the Lafayette Animal Shelter after Christmas and are ready for adoption.

Boomer is a 3.5 year old neutered male Terrier mix. He is 36 lbs.
Queenie is a five-year-old Terrier mix. She is a spayed female who weighs 41 lbs.

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