KAPLAN, La. (KLFY) A slow start to crawfish season has caused high prices for the southern specialty.

From the mosquito spray killing off baby crawfish to the cold temperatures keeping them from growing large, there just aren’t enough to go around.

“Price fluctuates on demand, so when the demand goes up, the price goes up,” Luke Butler, owner of Butler’s Crawfish said.

However, compared to last year’s crawfish harvest season, Butler said production is almost two months behind.

“We’re very far behind, because there’s no crawfish everywhere, it didn’t effect only one area, it effected all of Louisiana,” Butler said.

The crawfish industry is a multi-million dollar moneymaker for the state and with several major holidays like Valentines day, and Lent rapidly approaching, Butler said there just aren’t enough of crawfish to go around.

With cold weather expected this weekend, production could yet again, be slowed.

“We’re kind of catching crawfish that we need to leave out there, but if we don’t have our crawfish right now, then we’ll lose our customers,” he said.

Butler expects the production to be increased in the coming weeks, but due to the high demand, prices might not fall immediately.