When Fabiana “Ana” LaFleur stepped out recently showing off her freshly designed two-piece bathing suit, her friends thought it was amazing.

Born in Henderson, LaFleur says she grew up hunting and fishing in the bayou’s around Lafayette and has always made creative use of every resource at her disposal.

“When my father took a deer he always made it a point to use every part that he could, not only eating the meat but also tanning the hides, sometimes even carving the bones into knife handles.” 

A lover of deep fried frog legs, LaFleur says she recently took her dad’s nothing’s ever wasted stand, and used the parts of the frog most people throw away and created a one of a kind bathing two-piece bathing suit. 

“After getting the leg meat out for frying, I sewed the skins together into a bathing suit. LaFleur said.  These are actual, taxidermied frogs.”

LaFleur said she uses the same spool of sinew thread to braid together the straps for the top and bottom.

On a recent outing at Henderson Lake, LaFleur decided that she would have a photo shoot done to showcase her one of a kind design to the world.  

“I could go to the mall and get a suit but they don’t sell anything that turns heads like the the one I’ve made.”  LaFleur said. 

Thanks Ana for sharing your unique design with KLFY News 10.