Healthy Acadiana promotes healthy lifestyle by creating more food options in the region


For years, studies have shown Louisiana as one of the leading food insecure states in the nation that is plagued with food deserts. 

Healthy Acadiana is an initiative that strives to make a difference in Acadiana. 

Downtown Lafayette is filled with many food options, but when it comes to healthy alternatives, many consider it a food desert. 

A new grocery store coming to Downtown Lafayette aims to change that.

“I do 200 push-ups a day. 300 sit ups a day,” said Daniel Brewster, a Lafayette resident. 

He was born with Spina Bifida. It’s a birth defect that’s not stopping him from being active. “I don’t want heart disease. I don’t want diabetes which is on both sides of my family,” he said. 

He belives living in Downtown Lafayette with all teh great Cajun food isn’t helping him, but the idea of a fresh produce store making an apperance just might.

“It’ll save me a little money from going to Kmart. Super One and Kmart,” he added. 

Healthy Acadiana locals develop healthier habits through community resources, incdreasing physical activities and influencing public policies. President Bradley Cruice is also the owner of the new grocery, Handy Stop Market & Cafe, coming to town.

“In Lafayette, we have some of the unhealthiest habits. We want to provide the opportunities for those individuals who live in the neighborhoods, they’re food desserts, so we ant to bring those food options to those individuals,” said Cruice. 

Acadiana Food Hub has partenered with the new store. “Because we have this infrastructure, because we have these support systems for famrers, we’re seeing farmers grow more food and we’re seeing more famers at the famers market than we did two or three years ago,” said President Zack Mcmath. 

After hearing the news about the new store, locals describe what maintaining a healthy lifestyle means to them. 

“A lot of people want to run to fast foods. A lot of people want to eat a quick meal, but a healthy choice is always the best choice,” said Steven Benton.

“Some people can maybe go out and maybe walk or jog,” said Jannie Teoomer. 

The expected completion date of the new grocery store is November 2019. 

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