Health officials confirm school employee’s meningitis as non-contagious


St. Martin Parish parents were notified of a case of meningitis reported by a school system employee.  

Interim Superintendent Allen Blanchard says the person works at the Early Learning Center on South Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in St. Martinville.  

The employee went to the hospital and received the diagnosis. Blanchard says the school district’s School Based Health Center was notified by the Office of Public Health.

The letter given to all parents included information about meningitis, the different types, signs and symptoms.  Blanchard says custodians sanitized the center with a solution of Clorox and water despite  health officials telling them it wasn’t really necessary.  He says it was done any way as a just in case.

In a statement the interim superintendent explains:

“The district has been given guidance from the office of public health.  We’re told it’s safe for students and employees to return to work; and what the employee has is not highly contagious.”

Louisiana Department of Health Communications Director Robert Johannessen says when they learned about the case they conducted an investigation. “As we investigated, we learned it was a non-contagious variation fo meningitis,” Johannessen explains.

Johanneseen says that should be good news to anyone who is concerned.  “It being non-contagious means nobody  else who might have been in close proximity would get sick from contact with that individual,” Johannessen adds.

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