Hazing allegations led to suspension of two Greek organizations at UL Lafayette


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – New information as to what lead to the suspension of two UL Lafayette Greek organizations.

As we reported on October 17, the university suspended the Sigma Chi Fraternity and the Delta Delta Delta Sorority based on allegations.

We have now received records of email conversations on what those allegations are.

News Ten obtained nearly 40 pages of emails and text conversations with complaints and university response to alleged hazing incidents within two Greek organizations.

The earliest complaint against Sigma Chi came on October 9, when the email sent by a concerned UL student, described events on the evening of October 7, where the student says a friend witnessed multiple students dressed in what’s known as pledge attire; white shirts and blue ties.

Another report was made on October 14, where the roommate of one of the pledges says he saw a group of young men return to the dorm “run down, really dirty and sweaty.”

The same person reported that pledges were forced to drink alcohol at tailgating events to earn points. The pledge with the fewest points would not be allowed to join the fraternity.

Mallary Venable, a sophomore at UL Lafayette student says, “I don’t believe in hazing. I feel like you should not have to be harassed or embarrassed to be accepted by an organization.”

On October 8, a member of Delta Delta Delta reported an incident involving hazing.

Where an 18-year-old new member reported being forced to drink alcohol.

At one point, the new member said she was “forced to her knees, her mouth held open and forced to drink alcohol poured in.”

When questioned a second time, the new member said those events were not true, but she did feel pressured to drink all night before she was allegedly left alone at a bar downtown Lafayette.

Brendan Leduff, a junior student at the university, says there can be traditional forms of hazing or the pledging process that don’t degrade prospects.

“Like, push-ups or something like that. Obviously, if you can’t do it, you can’t do it. But it’s not actually going to physically hurt you, it’s supposed to benefit you”, Leduff said.

In each allegation of hazing, the university responded to the person complaining within a matter of hours.

And interim suspensions were handed down within a week of each complaint.

University officials say they take all allegations of hazing seriously. and appropriate action will be taken, based on the findings of the investigations.

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