LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Home of the legendary Amélie Comeaux, T’frere’s Bed & Breakfast was built in the late 1800’s. Shortly after moving here Amélie was found dead in the back of the property, inside a well, and she’s been haunting the place ever since.

Originally built on a 72-acre plot by a guy named W. Comeaux, T’frere’s has been a staple in the Hub City for over a century.

“He had a niece named Amélie. That’s where the whole history of the haunting comes in,” said Richard Young, the current proprieter of the home.

Legend states that Amélie lost both her husband and her child to yellow fever.

“There’s several theories to the story. They’re saying there was a well in the back, and the way she died was she fell in the well,” said Young.

One theory is that she committed suicide because of how sad she was, after the passing of her husband and child. But there’s another theory as to what happened as well.

“And a lot of people think, was that she was having an affair with somebody of mixed color, and that the locals had such a problem with that, that they pushed her in the well,” he said.

The Catholic Church ruled her death a suicide, and would not let her be buried on sacred ground with her husband and child.

“We think that’s where this haunting has developed. She’s caught somewhere in purgatory,” said Young.

Comeaux could have been buried, somewhere under the home itself.

Many people have claimed to see while Amélie inside T’frere’s, especially Alexandra Flores, who has been working at the Bed & Breakfast for 2 years now

She said she’s seen a ton of spooky things. In her first week while working in the cottage of the home, she noticed something peculiar.

“So this person walks to the door, the doorknob turns and it opens, and there was nobody there,” said Flores.

One time while she was whistling while at work, she heard a whistle back as well.

Footsteps in an empty room in the home are extremely common too.

But one of the scariest moments, happened in the attic.

A few years ago a pest control worker was up here in the attic, when suddenly he saw an apparition of Amélie come from behind this chimney. The worker said she was wearing a rose colored dress, and told him to come towards him, and she was also speaking French.

“She wasn’t laid to rest in the way she would’ve wanted to be, so possibly she’s just confused and on the property like this,” said Flores.

The staff at T’frere’s says Amélie is a good ghost and means no harm, at least, as far as they know.