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Hanoi summit kicks off: President Trump touts relationship with North Korean leader

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(CBS News) – President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un began their second high-stakes summit Wednesday in Hanoi, Vietnam, with Mr. Trump touting his relationship with the North Korean strongman.

Mr. Trump and Kim shook hands, then sat down briefly to give remarks ahead of a dinner. Mr. Trump said he has high hopes for North Korea’s economic success, while Kim, through a translator, emphasized the need for patience.

Mr. Trump touted what he described as the success of the first summit, noting that some people want denuclearization to “go faster,” but he and Kim are “happy” with the pace.

Some reporters barred from dinner event

Ahead of the president’s dinner with Kim, some reporters who were supposed to go into the dinner — including ones who asked questions in the previous appearance — were barred from entering.

At first the White House was not going to allow any print pooler reporters into the room, citing sensitivities of shouted questions. But according to the designated print pooler, a Wall Street Journal reporter, photographers protested, and the Journal reporter was allowed into the room.

Wire pool reporters were not allowed into the room.

“Due to the sensitive nature of the meetings we have limited the pool for the dinner to a smaller group, but ensured that representation of photographers, TV, radio and print poolers are all in the room,” Sarah Sanders said in a statement. “We are continuing to negotiate aspects of this historic summit and will always work to make sure the U.S. media has as much access as possible.”

There will be a news conference, Trump says

Mr. Trump said there will be a news conference “at some point during the day” on Thursday, after the conclusion of their meetings.

Mr. Trump and Kim then broke up their brief sit-down to head to dinner.

Trump says U.S. will help North Korea attain a successful economic future

Mr. Trump said he tells anyone who will listen that he thinks North Korea will have a tremendous economic future. Moreover, the president said the U.S. will help North Korea get there, although he offered no specifics on that.

Tump says it’s an “honor” to be with Kim

After their handshake, Mr. Trump and Kim sat down for their first conversation.

Kim said there has been hostility in the past from the outside, but they’ve been able to overcome all those obstacles. Kim said he believes the last 261 days required much patience, but today he and Mr. Trump are sitting next to each other, giving Kim hope for success.

“Well I want to just say it’s an honor to be with Chairman Kim,” Mr. Trump said, adding that Vietnam has “rolled out the red carpet.”

The president added he thought the first summit was a “great success.”

The greatest progress, Mr. Trump said, is that his and Kim’s relationship is “really a good one.”

The two leaders approached one another and gave a hearty handshake, formally kicking off the second summit between the U.S. and North Korea.

“I think it will be very successful,” Mr. Trump said when asked about the future of the summit. When asked if he would declare an end to the Korean war, the president replied, “We’ll see.”

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