Halloween Safety Tips with Dr. Scott Hamilton

Halloween is a fun time for children and families.  We often forget though we need to be safe.  Dr. Hamilton sat down with Megan Kelly and went over some safety tips for Halloween night. 
Q: Do we have to worry about candy that’s been tampered with?
A:  Traditionally, people have been worried about this.  It really seems to have been an urban myth.  There are few reports of this.
Q:  What are the real Halloween safety issues?
A:  Being hit by a car.  Kids are hard for drivers to see at night.  They’re small, they’re running into the street, and they often wear dark costumes.
Q: What can we do to prevent these tragedies?
A:  -Kids should travel in groups, Carry flashlights, Have reflective decorations on costumes, Make Halloween a block party with traffic controls

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