A Lafayette woman is trying to identify the Good Samaritan who helped her escape a burning vehicle on Interstate 10, Monday morning. 

The vehicle fire happened eastbound near the Ambassador Caffery exit, just after 6 a.m. 

Alfrelisha Thibeaux said she heard an engine noise as she was driving and pulled over on the shoulder to call her fiance.

Unaware that fire and smoke could be seen beneath the vehicle, Thibdeaux said an unidentified man approached her vehicle and yelled, “GET OUT OF THE TRUCK.”

Thibdeaux, who is 6 and a half months pregnant, said she had problems crossing over into the passenger seat because of her growing belly.

“And, I couldn’t get out on the driver’s side because the traffic was so heavy.” 

Mere seconds made it possible for Thibeaux to escape unharmed.  

“It was literally seconds after that man yelled for me to get out that I was able to open the passenger side door and jump into the ditch, before the truck burst into flames.”  

Within minutes, Thibeaux said her SUV was engulfed and all she could do was watch and be thankful for the man who was there at the right time to let her know what was going on.

“Thank U Jesus, I was able to get out in time!” 

The man who helped Thibeaux stayed on the scene until emergency crews arrived, and then left. 

Thibeaux and her family now hope to find him and show their thanks for his good deed.

“He was driving a green pick-up truck, not sure of the make and model and I would say he was in his mid 20’s with blonde hair and he had on a work uniform with overalls but Im not sure of the name on the overalls.”

Thibdeaux said it meant a lot to her for him to go out of his way to help her, because she probably wouldn’t be here without him.

“Whomever u are, thank u so very much my angel! The scariest experience ever.  I can’t even rest tonight, all I can do is Thank God over and over again for sparing my life, and my baby’s life.”