Good morning, Acadiana! Here are the Morning Rush headlines for 5/15/19


Good morning Acadiana! Hope you’re having a productive week! Here’s the top headlines from this morning:

  • Three motorcycle officers were injured in a crash while escorting President Trump to Cameron Parish. The men were treated and are in stable condition.
  • Melville held a meeting last night as a result of the viral graphic video showing a resident allegedly beating a dog with a shovel. Animal rights advocates voiced their concerns over why the resident wasn’t originally charged with high Animal Cruelty offenses.
  • A bill to eliminate car inspection stickers on certain vehicles advances to the full house. The lawmaker is proposing a $10 car registration fee instead with the money going to hire more State Troopers.
  • Weatherford International says it plans to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy due to the lack of profit in 4 years.
  • The New Orleans Pelicans win the number 1 pick in the NBA lottery. They also have two 2nd round picks.

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