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Good Friday: Biggest time of year for crawfish season


Today is the biggest Friday out of the Lenten season.

That means plenty of crawfish will be eaten.

At Louisiana Crawfish Time, this is one of the busiest days out of the year for them.

Owner Edward Wilkerson, said, “This year on crawfish, it’s been kind of a leaner type year than normal, but not too lenient to where we don’t have any, so it’s been good. It’s kind of kept people’s interests peaked because we’ve had just enough to kind of keep things going, but not an overabundance, but it’s been good.”

Wilkerson has been in the seafood business for 20 years and hasn’t seen two crawfish seasons that were the same.

Wilkerson explained how the process works, “We pour the crawfish in here. It’s full of water. It sprays them down… conveyor belt pulls them up, drops them on the Speed Sizer, and it separates the sizes, the different sizes of crawfish.”

Andre Leger, Owner of Chez Francois Seafood, says prices are constantly changing because the weather is too.

He said, “It’s based off of Mother Nature. It’s not like you’re drilling it out the ground and it costs ‘X’ amount of dollars. Today, you might catch them, and tomorrow you won’t.”

“The prices have been a little elevated, so that’s kind of helped the farmers that aren’t catching the numbers they normally do so being a little bit higher prices to help them kind of maintain,” added Wilkerson.

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