Frustration mounts for Lafayette homeowner over responsibility of fallen trees from coulee


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) David Alexander of Lafayette is outraged.

Alexander says four trees from a nearby coulee along his Amanda Drive property fall into his yard.

“This time I have four. My backyard looks like a jungle,” Alexander stated.

He says with the last storm one tree snapped and fell into his yard.

He figures Hurricane Delta brought down four.

“I have to pay somebody everytime to come and clean this. If this creek was cleaned, we wouldn’t have all these problems,” Alexander explained.

He is not alone in his problems.

Burton and Jacqueline are his neighbors.

“Three days of this and it’s about to wear me down,” Burton Suir added.

He says he has had two trees from the coulee fall and hit his home.

“The rootballs of these trees are four and five foot in diameter,” Suir said.

He’s worried about the soil covered roots sitting in the coulee and clogging up drainage.

“It’s in the coulee now. So, 50% of the coulee is not draining and that’s it,” he noted.

Burton says the city explained they would send a crew to removed the rootballs.

He is speaking up because he wants to make sure his neighbors aren’t forgotten.

One neighbors is Jacqueline Wilridge.

“The tree is still in my yard, who is going take it out? I have to find someone to do it and it’s not my tree and it wasn’t on my property.”

The city’s drainage department says if a tree falls within the coulee and impedes the flow line they’ll clean it out.

If it falls onto private property, it becomes the property owners responsibility to remove.

“I’m paying somebody to come and cut trees off my property because the cities property is coming over,” Alexander stated.

According to the city, most people don’t realize that in most cases coulees are the property of the nearby homeowner.

Alexander says even if the city shortens the height of the tree that will work because at least it won’t reach private property when it falls.

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