Free drive-thru COVID-19 testing event begins Tuesday, May 19


The Louisiana CLI and Limb Salvage Club has collaborated with LCG, Love Our Schools, the National Black Nurses Association, Kisbaugh Construction, the State Department of Health and others to begin community drive-thru COVID-19 testing this week in Lafayette.

“We will have swab testing at no cost to the patient. this will allow us to identify if there is active infection or not. we will also give out information that will include awareness on disparities on COVID-19. we need to know who has an active infection and who doesn’t,” Dr. Allie stated.

The free testing will be held every Tuesday and Thursday 1:00pm to 4:00pm and Friday 9:00am to 12pm at 901 Wilson Street. The drive thru will take place within the Allie-Patlola Medical Center’s parking lot.

“If they are positive, they need to know that for their own health but they need to know that to make sure they are not infecting let’s say their family member or loved ones or elderly family; or any of their children. If this comes back positive, then we at least have that information to build upon. There could be further testing that could be done,” Dr. Allie explained.

A representative of the Louisiana Cardiovascular and Limb Salvage Center says the testing is for symptomatic or asymptomatic individuals.

“This is something we need to collect data in our community. It needs to be done nationwide. There’s funding available and we are now making it open to the community. Everybody from the community can get this at no cost at our center,” Dr. Allie added.

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