Former Port Barre High School and LSU standout has championship rings stolen


A former LSU Football and Port Barre High School State Champion player is without several of his college championship rings after police say they were stolen during a home robbery in June.

According to the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office, on June 20, 2016 the unidentified player had his 2003 LSU BCS National Championship ring, a 2005 LSU Peach Bowl Championship ring and several other collegiate stolen after having recently moved into his mother-n-laws home.

Public Information Officer Eddie Thibodeaux says once the victim discovered the rings were missing he began to search the local pawn shops and located one of the stolen rings.

Employees at the pawn shop also told the victim that someone had attempted to pawn another ring, according to police.

Following an investigation, Thibodeaux says authorities were able to identifiy the victim’s brother-in-law, Shane Marcus Eaglin as the suspect.

Thibodeaux said the rings had been passed through several other people’s hands before being pawned.

The following is a statement from St. Landry Parish Public Information Officer, Major Eddie Thibodeaux:

” During the investigation it was learned that the rings were stolen by the victim’s brother-in-law, Shane Marcus Eaglin and the rings had passed through several other people’s hands before being pawned.  Detectives interviewed the suspect that pawned the rings and found that he had no knowledge that the rings were stolen and gave the pawn shop his correct identification.

The suspect also reimbursed the pawn shop and cooperated with authorities in the case.  The detectives then tracked down the additional suspect who received the rings from Eaglin.

The suspect gave a video statement stating that he purchased the rings for $25.00 and $30.00 dollars from Eaglin.

Agents arrested Eaglin and he confessed to stealing the rings for crack cocaine.

Detectives are still looking for 5 more championship rings including a Port Barre High School State Championship ring and 4 LSU collegiate rings for track and field and football.

All the rings should have Francis on the side of the rings.”

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