LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – With Tropical Storm Cindy approaching Louisiana many have questions about flood insurance.

Can flood insurance be purchased when there’s a storm in the Gulf of Mexico and how long does it take for coverage to kick in?

News 10’s Rene Allen got some answers.

For the Derby Heights neighborhood, it’s the calm before the storm. Many who live here remember vividly when their homes were literally underwater back in August.

Now, hearing about a pending storm raises the alarm about flood insurance in an area where some are in a flood zone and some are not.

State Senator Gerald Boudreaux is one of those Derby Heights residents who remembers how his community pulled together in a situation they never thought they would be in.

“We get phone calls. People are afraid they’re going to flood,” Boudreaux said.

Raymond Washington has been a Derby Heights homeowner for 40 years.

Washington says he was lucky compared to his neighbors.

He also learned that he needs to get insurance.

“When you start building they gave you all kinds of situations — It don’t flood here and stuff so you learn that you have to get flood insurance,” Washington said.

Lafayette Parish Farm Bureau Agent Jarrod Serrette knows insurance. He has close to 18 years in the business.

He says when buying flood insurance make sure your household contents are covered.

“If you just buy coverage on your dwelling then you won’t have coverage for your furniture your appliances and your clothes. All things like that,” Serrette said.

And Serrette says flood insurance can be purchased anytime but it will come with a 30 day waiting period before it kicks in.

“Other insurance like homeowners or property insurance they’ll stop us from buying the coverage once a storm gets into the Gulf (of Mexico),” Serrette said.

State Senator Gerald Boudreaux issued an advisory to residents saying,

“Let’s take the precautions that we can. Let’s make sure we have all our flashlights ready to go and enough water. Let’s not take anything for granted.”

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