Fishermen rescued after boat capsizes in Gulf of Mexico


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – While many of us were enjoying the Mardi Gras festivities, one crew sailing home after a week offshore found themselves in a critical situation, and they rose to the occasion.

Imagine being 20 miles from dry land and your boat capsizes with no help in sight.

That was the case for two fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico until two days later when an observant offshore worker spotted them in need of help.

Kirk Francis, who spotted stranded fishermen said he didn’t think the fishermen would have latest another day at sea.

Francis was casually recording the final miles of his boat ride after a seven-day hitch offshore when he saw something moving in the water.

What Francis saw was two men, straddling the centerline of a capsized boat. He immediately sprung into action thinking the waves from their ship would put the fishermen in more danger.

“I ran and grabbed the life ring and looked up at the wheelhouse and got the Captain to come to an all stop on the boat,” Francis recalls.

Francis says at this point, the rest of the crew got involved and one by one, they pulled the two stranded fishermen to safety.

“Guys started digging in their bags and giving them pajamas, slippers, socks, jackets. Then the medics checked their blood pressure and vital signs and what not and once that was done we were able to feed them,” he says

Francis said this was his first offshore job in three years, and for him to play a role in the rescue of these two fishermen was all in God’s plan.

“Lets me know that God has me in his grace. It’s not my glory it’s all his glory because through him this would have never transpired, he just used me as a vessel.”

And a vessel he and his fellow crew members were and they saved two fishermen from their capsized vessel.

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